Top 3 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

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Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! That’s the excitement that kids have at this time of year. Adults are usually thinking the same thing, except sometimes with not such an excited tone. We sometimes get “lost in the weeds” and can’t just enjoy the moment, mostly because of the stress caused by the activities this time of the year. So here are my favorite ways to relieve some of that stress so you can actually enjoy the holiday.

Make a prioritized list
Although some people believe that looking at that long list of “to-do’s” is even more stressful, they are fooling themselves. Lists are great, I would be lost around here without my lists. Some people have planners, some people just have a pad of paper (and others have the back of an envelope). It doesn’t matter what you write your list on, just make sure there’s enough room to add (and remove) things as you go. Make sure you prioritize your entire list, as well as what has to get done today. You can use numbers, or color-code them, so you remember what has to get done first. Some things that can go high on the list: gift shopping and fun things. Make sure you put things that the kids would like high on the list, like driving around to look at Christmas lights. If not, they might be disappointed when the holidays have come and gone and you haven’t done anything fun. Some things that should go low on the list: attending every holiday party, gift exchange, and mall event. Why you may ask? See the next paragraph 😉

Don’t Be Afraid to Say NO
I know that you want to make everyone happy during the holidays, but it’s sometimes just not possible. Make sure you leave time for the things you and your family want to do. Sometimes that means not helping at every PTA function, or telling a friend that you can’t help them with their holiday party. Be sure to limit your own activities as well, maybe having a dinner party for family and a Christmas party for your friends is not practical. Also, it’s ok to bring prepackaged goods to a pot luck or holiday gathering. Sometimes saying no baking or cooking can free you up to do something else on your list.

Take a Stress Break
This is a timeless tip: Take 5 (or 10) for yourself. We’re usually focused on everyone this time of the year. We give and give and give of ourselves, almost to the point of exhaustion. But if we take a few minutes for ourselves, we can rejuvenate our minds and bodies, and can actually give much, much more. Doesn’t cost a thing, just spa yourself at home, and then you’re ready to take on the world again!

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