Hot in Zaggora Hot Pants

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When my Zaggora Hot Pants showed up about 3 weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve heard about all sorts of products that you wear to lose inches, but I always wondered whether they really worked. I was excited to try Zaggora’s new Hot Pants, that promised to remove unwanted inches from waist and legs. I took them out of the package and immediately put them on, and off to Zumba I went.

When I got to Zumba, I showed off my Hot Pants to everyone in the place. They can be worn alone, but I’m a little self-conscious so I wore them under my workout shorts. They come almost down to my knees, so you could still see a few inches and the Hot Pants logo from underneath my shorts. They sort of look like spandex shorts, so they didn’t look out of place at all. Everyone was excited to hear how they worked, so I’ll have to make sure to send everyone a link to this post when I’m done!

I didn’t feel anything different about them when I put them on, but when I started working out…watch out! I could feel my legs and waist heating up the more I worked out. They gave me more support in doing squats and lunges, but a little resistance as well. When I was done working out, boy, were my legs tired., but I didn’t have any trouble finishing my regular workout. I assume that I got a better workout from the extra resistance and support from the Hot Pants.

I’ve been using my Zaggora Hot Pants since right before Thanksgiving and I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised! I have absolutely no will power and usually gain a lot of weight around the holidays, but not this year! I’m proud to say that I’m only one pound different than right before Thanksgiving, and I’ve been eating just as much as I normally do during the holidays! I attribute this to the addition of the Zaggora Hot Pants to my routine. I can’t wait until next week so I can get back to eating normally, I’m sure to slim down a few inches pretty quickly with the help of my Zaggora Hot Pants!

If you would like to learn more about, or would like to get Hot in Hot Pants, you can go to: .

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Hot Pants from Zaggora to review as part of a promotion by MomBloggersClub. But if you’ve ever read any of my blog posts before, you’d know that I only write about things I truly believe in and everything I post is honest and truthful.

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