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Top 3 Skincare Mistakes: Are you Guilty?

There are lots of mistakes, or shortcuts, that people make every day in their skin care regimen. But there are a few that might make or break (or break out) putting your best face forward.

  1. Skipping toner: Toner is designed to do a few things. First and foremost, it balances the PH of your skin. It also helps close your pores so that less dirt and funk gets in. Another huge benefit is that it also removes the last bits of makeup or dirt that is left on your face after washing. Without toner, a few things could happen. You could be helping breakouts occur; your skin could age prematurely; your skin could get dull and lifeless.
  2. Not removing makeup at night: Wow, this is a biggie! I get this response all the time: “But I wear mineral makeup, it’s good for my skin.” What?! Are you kidding me? Leaving any kind of makeup on your face at night will eventually wreak havoc. So if you’re complaining about breakouts, blackheads, dullness, etc, it will be exacerbated by not removing your makeup.
  3. No exfoliation: This is probably the most detrimental to your entire skincare regimen. Dead skin cells is a fact of life. There’s nothing that we can do to prevent it, but we don’t have to like it…or accept it. Will those dead cells fall off by themselves? Eventually…maybe. But, when you get those cells off as quickly as you can, your healthy skin comes to the surface and you’ll look as young and vibrant as you feel. This goes for everyone, even if you have eczema, rosacea, acne, Keratosis Pilaris, dry skin, oily skin…you get the idea.

Make sure you don’t cut corners, and show your healthy skin to the world!

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