The Fresh New Face of Genghis Grill

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My family and I had the pleasure of visiting the one of the flagship Genghis Grill locations recently, and what a pleasant surprise!  Genghis has launched an exclusive rebrand at select locations, which includes chef-designed creations that adds to the Fresh Market Bar experience that we all know and love.

One of the keys to the rebrand is the addition of 4 new “Grill Master Creations” to the menu. With these new additions, there is truly something for everyone. For some people like my dad, building his own creation is a daunting task. And then there are those of us that love to build our own bowl most of the time, but once in a while like to just choose something off the menu.  And these new creations fit the bill quite nicely!

My husband and I took 2 of our sons with us to the Bryant Irvin location in Fort Worth after a shopping trip. I chose the Mongolian Steak Grill Master Creation from the menu, and then proceeded to help one of our younger children create his bowl at the food bar. What a relief! I could concentrate on helping him, because mine was being created for me. I must say that the creation I chose was absolutely delicious!

Another thing I noticed while we were eating was that the decor was upgraded as well. It has a fresh new contemporary feel, with gorgeous new tiling, stainless steel accents and dark wood. These additions, as well as the menu additions, made us feel like we were in a completely new restaurant. How fun!  We enjoyed the new experience and we will definitely go back. I can’t wait until the new rebrand is rolled out to the rest of the DFW locations!

From Genghis Grill:

Genghis Grill, the largest build-your-own stir-fry in America, has officially transitioned into a new era. The 109-unit chain is currently launching an exclusive rebrand in select locations in Fort Worth Texas. Genghis Grill’s refresh focuses on adding new chef-crafted menu options, elevating the Fresh Market Bar experience for the customer, updating the overall interior atmosphere and reviving the lively culture within the brand. Customers can see the new conquest take place in Fort Worth at our Bryant Irvin and Lake Worth locations.

“This new menu is all about expanding bold flavor profiles and refocusing on the customer experience while they are dining with us,” Chef Jax Sperling, Genghis Grill’s director of culinary research and development said, “we want our customers to have an excuse to visit us every day.”

Continuous expansion of the new rebrand will conquer the Fort Worth, TX market. Other rollouts of the new look will hit select markets: Washington, D.C. and Phoenix, Ariz. later this fall.

About Genghis Grill

Genghis Grill, the premier build-your-own stir-fry chain in the United States, is well known for its fresh, hot and healthy food, and for its fun style of service. Their Fresh Market Bar features an array of more than 80 delicious, fresh ingredients from which guests can “build your own bowl.” They then hand their bowl creation to grill masters to cook to perfection on a sizzling, circular large grill. Currently, there are 109 Genghis Grill locations in 23 states nationwide.

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