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Thanksgiving Blues

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I absolutely love this time of year. The cool weather signals that the holidays are near, and that also means it’s time for me to reflect on everything that’s happened over the year…good and bad.

This year, I lost some dear friends, was laid off from a job I really liked, and was a victim of credit card fraud. I also gained back 5 of the 50 pounds I worked so hard to lose. All of those other things make the unwanted 5 pounds seem not so bad. So why does that bother me the most right now? It’s called the Thanksgiving Blues. And it’ll drag you down if you let it.

How do you fight off the Thanksgiving Blues? It’s really pretty simple. It’s basically mind over matter. You need to believe that you can do better…be better, and you then you can. I could easily sit on my couch and feel sorry for myself while I eat chips watching TV. But I won’t do that. Why? Because I know that will make me feel worse than I do now. I will get on the treadmill tomorrow and start on the road to making myself feel better, because I have decided that only I have the power to affect my mood.

So, don’t dwell on the bad things that happen. Just like I read on The Positivity Blog, happiness is as much a decision as it is an emotion. You have to choose to be happy before it can be so. So choose happiness today!

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