Like this? Then share it with your friends! Physical Sunblock, Vitamin C and Antioxidants All in One Do you only have the budget for ONE product, but you need a moisturizer, sunblock, antioxidants, and so on, and so on? Well, this is IT for only $31. I was amazed 2 years ago when I first tried this product, and I’ve haven’t been disappointed since. It goes on creamy and blends in really well. It only takes a pea size amount to do your whole face, a little more if you’re doing your neck (which you should be). I’ve heard that some have had an issue with the scent, butRead More →

So you think you know what SPF is? I did, until I read an article that told me different. So I started looking into it to see what the real story is. You’d think that with a name like “Sun Protection Factor”, it would mean how much you’re protected from the sun, right? If you do, you’re only 1/2 right.
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