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Summer fun with the kids

These last few days at our house have been trying ones, found out we needed to replace the filter on our pool and then the A/C went out. What a week! Needless to say that with all the extra expenses, the kids won’t be happy because we won’t get to do a lot of fun stuff this week.

Then I got to thinking, we still have a couple of Chuck E. Cheese gifts cards left that very generous friends of ours gave to the kids at Christmastime. We haven’t had a chance to use them all, so it’s a great way to get the kids out of the house and not hurt the pocketbook at the same time. But since the kids already know about the Chuck E. Cheese gifts cards, how do I put my own spin on this to make it even more fun? A SCAVENGER HUNT!!!!

I didn’t tell them that we we’re going to Chuck E. Cheese this week….and that’s all part of the plan. I haven’t figured out what day we’re going to do this yet, but here’s what I’ll do. I’ll write up 10 – 15 different scavenger cards, each will give them a hint for where to search for the next one. Some will be inside, and some will be outside. The last one will contain the gift cards, and the card will tell them to get in the van so we can go to Chuck E. Cheese. I don’t know who will have more fun with this, me or them!

You can take this idea and put YOUR own spin on it. The end result can be anything you want, here are a few ideas:  a place the kids like to go eat, the park, a friend’s house, museum, nature walk, go see Grandma, absolutely anything! No matter what it is, you’ve just made it even more fun!

Have a great summer!


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