New Purex Crystals Softener Review and Giveaway

Well, whadda ya know…I’m now a Purex Insider 😉 I think it’s cool that I’ll be getting samples of new products to test before the general public, don’t you? I just LOVE being special! But now more about Purex Crystals Softener.

The box that this sample size bottle of Purex Crystals came in was really pretty and shiny blue. I guess they did their reasearch and realized that I’ve been partial to blue lately. I opened it up and there was this miniature bottle in it’s own little form-fitted foam case. The  bottle was SO adorable, how could I NOT love it? But I hadn’t ever used fabric softener in the washing machine before. I guess call me old-fashioned, but I use softener sheets just like my mom does. Or was I supposed to use the fabric sheets in the dryer AFTER using this in the washer, I had no idea…and the directions didn’t say. So I waited until I had 2 loads that I could do back to back, I wanted to try a load each way.

On wash day, the first load went in, and so did the Purex Crystals. The bottle had it’s own little measuring line right on the bottle. No measuring into a cap here, that’s a really cool feature. The scent was very nice, it’s called Fresh Spring Waters. It even made the whole laundry room smell nice as the load was washing. Very cool! So when it was done, I put the load in the dryer without a dryer sheet. After drying, I took the load out and proceeded to fold. The clothes smelled nice and seemed pretty soft. And then there it was…the snap, crackle, pop of STATIC! OK, so I guess did it wrong and you need to use a dryer sheet.

I proceeded to do the next load, this time I made sure I used a dryer sheet. When the load came out of the dryer, I folded everything and there wasn’t any static. Thank goodness! But I noticed that you also couldn’t distinguish the scent of the Purex Crystals from the dryer sheet. That’s the only thing that I didn’t like, however.

The clothes from both loads felt silky soft, none of my laundry had ever felt that way before. Then I read more from the materials in the box…no oils, does not impair flame-retardent qualities of children’s sleepwear, does not reduce the effectiveness of sportswear, I could definitelyget used to this. So then I tried the ultimate test, I used one of the towels when I took a shower. Oh my goodness, that towel soaked up more water than it ever had! And it definitely didn’t feel scratchy, that’s something I’ve always hated about my towels. And I’d like to mention that even though I used the towels a few days after washing, I could smell the light scent of the Purex Crystals, but NOT from the dryer sheet…an added plus! So I give this product about a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, since I still have to use a dryer sheet with it.

Now onto the good stuff. I will be giving away coupons good on a bottle of Purex Crystals. It’s really easy to enter to win one of these coupons:

Giveaway Rules

Three winners will receive a coupon good on a bottle of Purex Complete Crystals Sogftener and one will receive a coupon for a free bottle.

To Enter:

Leave a comment letting me know why you’d like to try the Purex Crystals.

Extra Entries:

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Context will end on friday January 21th, 2011 at 11:59 PM CST.Winner will be chosen by online random generator. Winner will be notified by email, so make sure your correct email address is in your comment.

Disclosure: I received a 5 load sample from Purex to test and complete this review. No additional compensation was received, and the opinions expressed…good or bad…are my own.

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