Men Care About Wrinkles Too You Know

321: R = Rhytiphobia, the fear of aging...
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So, you’re a big, strong guy that is starting to get some wrinkles here and there. Doesn’t that make you look more distinguished? You keep telling yourself that, and I’ll speak to the rest of you. Looking young isn’t just a woman thing.

For years, men have been ignoring signs of aging, because a lot of men think using age-defying tactics should be left to the ladies. But why should men have to live with wrinkles when there are so many easy-to-use products out on the market? Here’s a man’s guide to preventing or reversing signs of aging:

  • Crows Feet: These are the little lines radiating from the sides of your eyes when you smile or squint. Eventually, these will become more permanent and need to be addressed. There are multiple ways to treat these lines: concentrated wrinkle penstightening eye serums. Concentrated wrinkle pens are meant to target deeper lines and wrinkles. Tightening serums are usually for general use, preventing wrinkles, minimizing current ones and overall tightening of the upper and lower eye area. They can each be used alone, or in combination with each other.
  • Thinker Lines: These are the railroad tracks across the forehead that wrinkle when you raise your eyebrows or think really hard about something. If you have just one, use a concentrated wrinkle pen. But if you have multiple, you can use the pen in combination with a wrinkle reducing/lifting cream.
  • Smile Lines: These are the lines around the mouth when you smile or smirk. Although they may enhance your smile, having them around when you’re not smiling isn’t very attractive. You can use the same concentrated wrinkle pen and/or wrinkle reducing/lifting cream as for your forehead (less products to remember is always better).
  • Sagging Cheeks or Jowels:  You can use the wrinkle reducing/lifting cream for this as well, but there are also specialized creams to help further tighten the neck area. The creams will tighten and lift the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, as well as putting your cheeks back where they should be.
  • A great treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles all over your face is to have a chemical peel and dermabrasion. This removes the top few dead layers of skin, exposing smoother, healthier looking skin. Doing this at home can be a far less expensive and less time-consuming option.

We get wrinkles not only because the skin start to get loose as we get older, but also because the muscles lose toneness. I suggest facial exercises for tightening the underlying muscles, so you’re giving yourself a lift inside and out.

So, just because you can’t share your wrinkle woes in the locker room, don’t be afraid to try to stave off the signs of aging. Your reflection in the mirror will thank you!

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