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If Tomorrow Never Comes

Gregory Grudecki 1945 ~ 2011

Today was a very difficult day. My husband’s call this morning didn’t seem like the bright and cheery “good morning” as usual. He works an early shift, so his lunchtime is during my breakfast, and he almost always call me to tell me to have a good day. But this morning was different. There was something different is his voice.

I knew something was wrong from the moment I picked up the phone. Call it intuition, or ESP, call it whatever you like. I knew it was bad, whatever it was. The extreme calm in his voice was masking something, and then the news came…his dad had passed away in his sleep. I was moved to tears, I couldn’t breathe. It was like our world was turned upside down. The man who we had seen 2 nights before, holding his newborn granddaughter in the hospital was gone.

The memories keep flooding my mind. He was gentle and kind, but tough all at the same time. I remember times where I thought “OMG, he’s going to have a cow”, but he handled the problem with ease. He was very hard-working, and would do anything for his family. He would calmly diffuse family squabbles, and make offhand comments…a trait that has rubbed off on all of his kids AND grandkids alike. One of my favorite things was his evil laugh, “he he he” was the sign that he had a devilish thought. Ask him a question that he know (or didn’t want to answer) and he would shrug his shoulders, but never utter a peep. The grandkids all adored him, and would ask where he was if he wasn’t in his favorite recliner. I keep wondering how many times they’ll forget and ask that in the coming weeks.

You never want to get that call saying that a family member has passed, especially someone close to you. I don’t show my faith very much, but I’m sure that he’s watching over us from a better place, free of the pain that he endured here his last few years. None of us knows how long we have on this Earth, it could be one more day, one more year, or one more decade. So the one thing that I will make sure to do is kiss my kids and my husband every day, and tell them I love them, because we never know when it will be the last time. “So tell that someone that you love just what you’re thinking of, If tomorrow never comes” ~ Garth Brooks.

This post is dedicated to a wonderful man that we have lost, but will always be in our hearts. Gregory Grudecki, 1945 ~ 2011, will never be forgotten. I will see him in the hearts and faces of my husband and sons every day. We love you Dad.

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