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Horsey Housecalls

I saw a news story on the Today Show about Camp Casey, a Michigan-based horseback riding program for kids with cancer, and I couldn’t help but share this amazing story.

Camp Casey is a non-profit organization that has both a mobile horseback riding program and camps for children with cancer and their families. Another thing I find remarkable about this organization is that it offers these services absolutely free of charge. Camp Casey was founded in 2003 by Molly Melamed and named after 12-year-old Casey Foote, who was suffering bone and brain cancer. Casey has since passed, but she will always be remembered because of this amazing organization.

 The “horsey housecalls” are mainly for children who aren’t well enough to stay at a camp, or who need constant medical attention. On the Today Show segment, Camp Casey surprised Maya Brown, an 8 year-old girl with leukemia., with a very special horse named Moe. Seeing Moe in action was incredible. He was so gentle and seemed to know exactly what he needed to do. Maya was elated that she was going to get to ride Moe, and the visit seemed magical.

Camp Casey brings a bright moment into these children’s lives. It teaches them that there is hope and everyone truly does care about them, which is absolutely the best medicine. Check out the Camp Casey website to find out more about this wonderful organization, or to see how you can help.

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