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Happy Star Spangled 4th, but did you know….?

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet.  While it’s great to celebrate the day and watch fireworks, did you know what the founders of this country gave up for us to have the freedom that we enjoy so much?

Many of them lost everything they had, including their families and their own lives…a sacrifice that some of us would never think of making. This group of men put their vision of our country ahead of their own needs and wants, and were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for it. Some of them were captured, tortured and put to death by the British. Some also sacrificed the lives of their families, something I don’t think I’d have th courage to do. Some merely lost their fortunes that they had worked so hard for in this new land. In addition to giving up everything had, some fought gallantly in the war, a war that some probably didn’t think was neccessary at the time (sound familiar).

So while you’re enjoying the  festivities of the day, think of those that sacrificed EVERYTHING for your freedom, and the freedom of your children. And while you’re at it, thank a soldier and his family for their sacrifices. They deserve it!

Have a happy, healthy and safe 4th of July!


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