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Does Your Makeup Run Away?

Do you have issues with your makeup not lasting all day? Or maybe you’re concerned because you’d like your base makeup to look more natural, even if you’re wearing the bold new colors of fall? Would you believe that the fate of your makeup is determined by what you do before you put it on?

Like a painter preparing his canvas for paint, you should be preparing your face for makeup application. When the canvas isn’t prepared correctly, paint will flake, smear, or even run. The same process applies to wearing makeup. These tips will help whether you wear a little or a lot, bold or natural.

Proper skin care is key. Your “canvas” should be cleansed and exfoliated. This helps keep the oil, dirt and dead skin cells from interfering with good makeup application. It also helps for longer wearing makeup. Imagine a painter trying to apply paint to an oil slicked canvas. Hmmm, does a picture of paint sliding down and onto the floor come to mind? That’s what can happen if there’s extra dirt and oil on your face before you put your makeup on. And the smoothness after exfoliation keeps your makeup from flaking off. It also helps to make it go on more smoothly and look more natural (not caked on).

The next tip for a flawless look is to always apply primer before applying makeup. There are foundation primers and eyeshadow primers. These products provide a barrier between your skin and the makeup, and also help your makeup go on smoother. Primers also help keep your makeup from smudging and running, and gives the makeup staying power without having to use too much. Primers come tinted or clear, tinted primers are used to alter the shade of the makeup. I prefer a clear foundation primer because my foundation is perfectly matched for my skin undertone and  shade. However, I sometimes use tinted eyeshadow primer to deepen or lighten the shade of an eyeshadow palette.

Another key element is when applying foundation, don’t apply it too heavily. Use a sponge and dab a little on the cheeks and forehead, then blend. Blend towards the hairline, as wells and underneath the chin and onto your ears. You never want to see a line where your makeup stops.

Finally, use concealer as a highlighter. Concealer can be used for more than just covering up undereye dark circles, blemishes or dark/lights spots. It can also be used to brighten and highlight your bone structure. Always use concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin shade, and use a sponge. Apply the concealer in a starburst pattern on your forehead starting from between your eyes up toward your hairline, and then blend, blend, blend. This brightens the forehead and makes the eyes look more refreshed. Then, apply concealer down the nose and on the chin, and also to the upper eyelid right under the eyebrows.

When you’ve finished blending everything, lightly spritz with a hydrating mist. This will set the makeup and make it longer lasting, and your skin can’t ever get too much moisture. If you need to freshen your look later in the day, try spritzing a little hydrating mist and reapplying mascara. Once you’ve started using these techniques, you’ll be thrilled at how natural and flawless your “canvas” can be!

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