Back to School with Kleenex

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When I was asked review Kleenex’s new products, I was already a Kleenex fan. But when I got the package in the mail, I was blown away! The new and improved packages were exactly what I needed to make my allergy-prone family more comfortable on-the-go. So what’s so great about new packaging? It’s the same old product, right? Not always…

I couldn’t count how many boxes of Kleenex have been stepped on & broken open in my minivan, leaving the Kleenex strewn all over the place. This wasn’t an issue with the boxes themselves, it’s just a fact that the little pocket packs are just not enough to get us through kid sniffles and allergies, so I needed to keep a whole box in the minivan. The big issue is that there’s nowhere in the van to keep a big box of tissues secure. This means the box is left on the floor to try to fend for itself. And here comes the new Auto Pack in the mail! It’s a small box that holds 24 tissues, which is a much better than keeping a pocket pack or big box in your car. It’ll fit between the seats, in the glove box, in the seat back pocket, as well as the side pockets in the third row that we had yet to find a use for!

I’m also very impressed with the new Wallet Pack that I received. It holds 10 sheets in a thin, soft-sided case that is a perfect size for taking it along anywhere you go. I have changed to a much smaller wallet, so it didn’t actually fit in mine, but It would’ve fit in the one I changed from. It’s also a perfect size for any size purse, including those small clutches that you would use for an elegant dinner or event.

And last, but not least, the new Pocket Pack. It actually has 3-ply tissues now! Previously, I had given up on the Pocket Pack for my kids because the tissues didn’t hold up to their sniffles and sneezes. I would just take some Kleenex tissues out of the big box and put them in plastic baggies for their backpacks. How convenient that I can get these new Pocket Packs and know that their little noses are covered!

Overall, I am VERY pleased with the new packaging and would recommend to everyone for on-the-go. These new packs ROCK! Thanks Kleenex!

BTW, I’ve just found out that Kleenex has a back-to-school initiative to give $500,000 to schools around the country to keep field trips as part of the educational curriculum. You can find more information by going to checking out the Kleenex Facebook Page and clicking on the “Field Trips” tab, you school just might win one of the $5,000 prizes!

Disclosure:I was given 1 Auto Pack, 1 Pocket Pack and 2 Wallet Packs by Kleenex and Mom Bloggers Club to review. But as you all know by now from reading my other posts, I  give honest reviews for products that I’ve tried. If I don’t like it, you bet your life that I’ll say it.

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