Back in the Swing of Things

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It’s been tough to get back into the swing of things after getting back from a much-needed vacation, and getting the kids back to school and activities. The phrase “too much to do, and too little time” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Whether you have kids or not, I know that all of you can relate in one area of your life or another.

This summer has been an interesting one. Not working full-time at a job that I was tired of doing. Being home with the kids a LOT more than I think I or they were prepared for. Continuing to grow a mobile spa business that I love. A vacation to NJ that was too short AND too long all at the same time. Starting to blog. The start of school for my youngest boy. Just so much going on! And if you didn’t already know, I’m ADHD. So even though I’m really good at multi-tasking, I have my limits and I need some “refresh” time between spurts of tasks.

This past week was a great example. It was non-stop for more than a week. From the youngest starting school, doctor appointments, and Ninjutsu, to the youngest’s birthday and minor league baseball ball game (for his birthday), BeautiU training, spas, volleyball, the actual birthday party, and then the older 2 starting school. Sends my mind spinning just thinking about it.

So how do I recover from more than a week of non-stop on the go? I’m going to spa myself for a change. Taking a little “me” time is something we all need to do, and something we all forget. Of course the easiest time to do this is when there’s no one around. I know, I know, that’s the time that you get stuff done around the house. Or if you have a large family, you might never be a time when there’s NO ONE left in the house but you. But even if you have to lock them out of your room, it’s REALLY important!

If you need ideas on how to spa yourself, you can check out one of my other posts: To Spa or Not to Spa. It will give you some great tips on how to recreate a fantastic spa experience at home. Or if you’re in the DFW area, give me a call and we can spa together.

So, whether you’re a guy or girl, “me” time is really important. It helps to refresh, renew and rejuvenate. Your family will notice the difference.

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