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Are you adding years to your face with any of these beauty blunders?

These beauty blunders can add years to your face.

  1. Foundation that’s too light – If you use a foundation shade that’s paler than your skin tone it will exaggerate your fine lines and wrinkles. Contact your Independent Consultant to help match your skin tone perfectly with liquid or wet/dry foundation.
  2. Too much concealer on dark circles – Our skin under our eyes gets thinner and thinner each year as we age which can make thick concealer look like paste. Keep your concealer light and airy by applying with a brush to distribute the color more evenly. Be sure to only apply to the dark circles, not your entire under eye. Try BeautiControl Regeneration® Tight, Firm & Fill Concealer to conceal imperfections and even out your skin tone, while also giving skin a firmer, more youthful appearance. ($16 US/ $17 CN; Tight Firm Fill Concealer)
  3. Incorrect blush placement – Applying blush to the just the apples of your cheeks can draw attention to sagging skin. Instead, you should always apply blush to the highest point on your cheekbones, swirling up and out with a circular motion toward the top of your ear.
  4. Not using lip liner – As we age, our natural lip line can begin to fade. This can cause our lipstick to bleed and feather out. Avoid this by using a primer with a lip liner. First, apply BC Color Perfect Base Color Primer in Natural and let dry ($12 US/ $12.75 CN). Then, apply BC Color Lip Perfecting Pencil ($14 US/ $15 CN) by drawing a line at the bottom of the lower lip. Then using light, feathery strokes, work your way down from each corner to connect the line. Do the top lip in the same way: adding a line in the center, then joining it with lines from each corner.
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