Like this? Then share it with your friends! When you look in the mirror, do your pores seem to overpower your face? Are you plagued with little black dots that muddy your complexion? Your pores are telling you something, you better get them under control. First we need to talk about what makes them look so large in the first place. Your pores are actually little openings in your skin, where your sweat glands are located. The initial size of your pores is determined when you are born. Sweat and oil is secreted through these little openings to hydrate your skin. Excess oil, dirt andRead More →

Like this? Then share it with your friends! Last year, I saw this neat looking little gadget called NeatReceipts(made by NeatCo) in Costco for $125. I don’t usually splurge on myself (as my husband will attest to), so I passed it up because it seemed like a bit of a waste of money. Since I’m a true computer geek and I know a lot about scanning and OCR, I figured I could just do the same thing with my good old All-in-One and ReadIris OCR. When that didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, I asked my husband to buy me that cute little NeatReceipts package for Christmas. MyRead More →