Like this? Then share it with your friends! Think painting your nails is a simple and safe process? Well, think again. there are chemicals that the nail industry has been using for years, that are known carcinogens. A handful have removed all of the chemicals from their nail products, but these harmful ingredients are still in a number of brands. The chemicals that I’m talking about are Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene and Formaldehyde. Yes, you read correctly, the same chemical morticians use to embalm people. DBP has been known to cause asthma in young children and nervous system disorders. It can also cause a variety of birth defects.Read More →

Like this? Then share it with your friends! Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! That’s the excitement that kids have at this time of year. Adults are usually thinking the same thing, except sometimes with not such an excited tone. We sometimes get “lost in the weeds” and can’t just enjoy the moment, mostly because of the stress caused by the activities this time of the year. So here are my favorite ways to relieve some of that stress so you can actually enjoy the holiday. Make a prioritized list Although some people believe that looking at that long list of “to-do’s” is even more stressful,Read More →

Like this? Then share it with your friends! This time of the year, we all need to be thankful for what we have in our lives: family, health, food, clothing, shelter. But there are some people that don’t have even the neccessities because of many reasons including natural disaster. Haiti is one of those places. But here’s the great thing, we can help through “Trade, Not Aid.” The Heart of Haiti is helping to accomplish just that. In other words, Heart of Haiti is using commerce andculture to create social change.  Instead of providing one-time funding through charity, Heart of Haiti is creating opportunities for HaitianRead More →