Like this? Then share it with your friends! “Progressive Muscle Relaxation”. Sounds like a complicated way to relieve stress, doesn’t it? I’m going to let you in on how easy is it, and how much it can help relieve some of the stress in your life…and your body. Backache by Graur Razvan Ionut When you’re under stress, tension tends to be stored in your muscles, causing headaches, back aches, and any number of aches, pains and illnesses. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is an easy, and very effective way to release that tension. The idea behind it is simple: to focus on specific muscles, contracting each one for 8 to 10Read More →

Like this? Then share it with your friends! Have you ever stopped to think about what the sayings we use everyday mean? “When it rains, it pours”. That just about sums up the last two weeks around our house. It’s been chock-full of drama, action and adventure, so much so that you could write a movie about it. So how do I stay calm and stress free through it all? It’s really tough, but I certainly try. Here are some tips to help get you through the action adventure movie you call your life: Take 10: Just like actors on a movie set, you haveRead More →

Like this? Then share it with your friends!  My insecurity started out when I was a teenager. I wasn’t part of the “in” group, but I guess you could say that I was a free spirit. So how come I was so insecure even though I made friends easily? And how do you get past it so you can be all that you’re meant to be in life? It all comes down to what you feel inside. Everything I did when I was a teenager revolved around trying to become popular, or what I considered to be popular. I was smart, pretty, athletic, active in the community and hadRead More →

Like this? Then share it with your friends! I’m taking part in a family friendly blog hop. Click on the button if you’d like to join or check out some really fantastic blogs. Have a great day!Read More →

Like this? Then share it with your friends! Do you have issues with your makeup not lasting all day? Or maybe you’re concerned because you’d like your base makeup to look more natural, even if you’re wearing the bold new colors of fall? Would you believe that the fate of your makeup is determined by what you do before you put it on? Like a painter preparing his canvas for paint, you should be preparing your face for makeup application. When the canvas isn’t prepared correctly, paint will flake, smear, or even run. The same process applies to wearing makeup. These tips will help whether youRead More →